Drool and lust worthy: Apple Macbook air and pro line

This past Monday, Apple held the start of it’s WWDC, the developer’s conference, in which they show off new versions of hardware and software.  This years keynote address showed off more  features of OS X Mountain Lion, the introduction of iOS 6 and refinements to the hardware line.  Specifically, new MacBook Air and Pro models. 

The thing with the Apple notebooks is that they are lustworthy. Absolutely lustworthy. I want one. One of each.  Really.

Man, that MacBook Pro has to be the sexiest piece of computer hardware I have ever seen. The thinness, the sleek shape, the nice coloring, the beautiful screen and the fast processor. Man, put Windows 7 on that and you’d have one helluva notebook.

The problems, though, that plagued these lusty machines are insurmountable, though. Starting with price. Apple is a premium hardware company, the Lexus of computers.  Buuut, unlike Lexus, they are more akin Studebaker.  Stude-what, you say? Studebaker, for those who do not know, was a car maker in the United States until about 1964 when the parent company decided there was more money in refrigerators than cars. The Avanti, the top of the line Studebaker, actually lived on for another thirty years. There were cars produced in small quantities. This made parts more expensive and service was not as plentiful as, say, Chevy.  Ditto Apple hardware. Now, I am not saying they are unreliable, no, I’m saying that when you want to upgrade one or when they do have a problem, it is far more difficult than if you had purchased a Dell.

iFixit has already analyzed the new notebooks and the news is not good.  You can forget any do it yourself notions.  Memory is soldered on the motherboard, the solid state drives (flash storage…kind of funny given Apple’s anti-Flash stance) are not standard and also soldered. The batteries, apparently, are not user accessible either.  The wonderful Retina display is, apparently, a sealed unit, meaning the light source is not user replaceable. It looks as if Apple made each major component inaccessible to the user.  Protect that parts and labor markup.

Bottom line: don’t bother getting these right away.  If you can, wait a bit and get these things on sale.  Paying full price just does not make a lot of sense.