Comcast…What the hell is your problem!?

For the last week, I’ve not been getting all of the cable service that I am paying Comcast to deliver. Indeed, the cable box (a nice, small Motorola HD DVR) locked up and refused to work. So, I took it back and got another box. That one, another small Moto box, refused to ‘authorize’.  At first, I tried the online method. That failed. Then, I call the local number. That failed. My wife calls the customer service line and they ‘sent a signal’ and told use to wait 45 minutes. Of course, nothing happened.  I took it back.

I am now on the third box, another one of the ancient – a BIG – silver Moto boxes.  Get that one home, set it up, call the local authorization number and….nothing. Or, so it seemed.  I put on the tv guide and, viola! it started to load.

Thinking we were good to go, I started channel hopping.  Video! The Weather Channel, check!  CNN, check! Several channels down and all is go.  Then, it hit me…these were the crappy analog and SD channels that are just being carried digitally now.  Damn.

So, I go to the HD version of Weather Channel and….’you are not authorized’.  SERIOUSLY?! Dammit, Comcast, what the hell is your problem! was what I thought.

So, I call the customer service number.  Turns out, not only was the box I given not in the system, it seems the person I spoke with was not even in the damn country. Now, I don’t mind talking to someone in some far off land, even if they are pretending to be where I am, but, I do want to be able to understand them and this person just was not clear.  They had an accent, but it was not all that thick. No, the issue was that they were mumbling. Yeah, mumbling.  Like the dude on ‘King of the Hill.’

Anyway, he ‘guaranteed’ that what he was going to do would fix my problem. He sent several ‘special codes’ and ‘signals’ to my DVR, but nothing worked.  So, he tried one last time.  He tells me to wait an hour (bullshit, these things do not take that long) and then try again. ‘Picture be back, guaranteed.’ Some guarantee. Of course, it did not work.

Called them again today-I refuse to waist my time and gas going back to that bloody office, they can come to me and I WILL NOT pay for a house call either.

The young lady, clearly from somewhere in the continental United States this time, was polite, even though I was less than polite. Daisy, you did good, by the way. After explaining what happened, that my wife had JUST CALLED, an hour earlier (she really did, even had a ticket number) and that I was ready to cancel the service, she told me that there was a problem with my account, with the DVR and that more special codes and signals would be needed.  She tried four, maybe five times to no avail. 

So, Comcast is now paying me a visit in the next 24 hours.  We will see how that goes. Dish Networks, I’m looking your way.  If Comcast fails me tomorrow-they have one shot-I’m giving you a call.

Oh, and remember my glowing comments over Comcast a few posts ago? Yeah, you can forget that.

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