Need help using Windows 8? Confused? Don’t be

So, you have Windows 8. Now what? Confused? What do you do with those ‘tiles’?  What the hell are those for anyway?

wintilesTiles are replacements for the traditional icon that has been a staple of graphical user interfaces for 25 years.  Tiles not only show you what the application is, they can also be ‘live’ tiles and present information from the application.  Like current time and temp, what your favorite driver is doing, what’s going on in DC or the latest piece of email you received. Click on them to reveal the app and more.

Tiles are not the only new thing in Windows 8.  Some of the changes are with the traditional desktop, like the loss of the Start button or removal of the Aero theme that Microsoft pushed so hard with Vista and Windows 7.

There are also gestures for non-touch devices. For example, to close an RT app, move the mouse to the top of the screen, it will turn into a hand. Now, drag it down to the bottom and release the button. The app will close.

You can learn all of this and more by reading this blog AND going to Start Screen Tips to see videos on how to use the new start page and other useful bits.  Sam does a nice job explaining what you see in the video. I highly recommend this site.

Stay tuned here as well. I am compiling some useful information and will also review some of the RT apps that are in the app store.