Flipboard for Android now available

FlipBoard2One of the best applications for the iPad has, finally, come out on Android:  FlipBoard.  FlipBoard is an RSS aggregator that looks like a magazine, newspaper and web page all rolled into one. It is, visually, one of the nicest looking iPad applications and its Android version looks even better. It isn’t often I say an Android app looks good, but this one does (so does Google+ for Android.)

FlipBoard, for those who have not seen, takes a number of RSS newsfeeds (RSS, Really Simple Syndication, is a means by which web sites can allow users to ‘subscribe’ to their feed for viewing in a browser, email client or RSS reader) and organizes them in categories. It presents any images that may be embedded in a magazine like layout. The use of typography, layout and images gives it a clean, polished look and one that, dare I say, resembles Microsoft’s Metro style.

I downloaded it for both my HTC Shift and Kindle Fire and it works well on both, though it is a tad slow on the Kindle Fire.  On the phone, I found my self having to scroll a lot, but the screen is tiny, so it is to be expected. Even the app looks and works great on my phone, the phone is ALMOST too small for this app to be really useful. On the Fire, however, it works well for the form factor.

FlipBoard is free and available from the Amazon App Store and Google’s Play Store.