App mini review: Lucky Notes

OneNote is the one application from the Office suite that I find use for on a daily basis. More so than Word or Excel, while those are definitely useful, OneNote is that one thing I rely on in work and in my personal life. It is on my phone, my tablets and my computers. I can even get to my data on the web. So, are there any worthy applications that could come close? Well, yes. That would be Evernote. But, there are other note taking and info organizational applications that share commonalities or functionality that works better than OneNote.

Screenshot (2)Lucky Notes only does one thing: take notes. There’s no real organizational features, but it does have search capabilities. There is no text formatting either.

The use interface is rather simple: a yellow “legal” size notepad that takes 2/3 of the screen on the right and the list of notes on th left. It looks like it would be at home on an iPad. Apple fans would love it.

There are options to export the current note to SkyDrive, email, the local file system or to print it.

While not as useful as OneNote, the application is great for quick note taking and, maybe, for things like quick coding on the go.

The application is free and available in the Windows Store.