Half-Byte Console Page – Standard Game Console Kit

Half-Byte Console

Half-Byte Console Completed

Standard Kit-Game Console
Video resolution: 80 x 48, black and white
Audio: 16384 tones, single channel
Controller: Wii Nunchuck compatible, standard Arduino pins can be used for custom controllers
RAM: 2k
Program Memory: 32k
Serial Port

Kit Contents:
PC Board
Bag of components
CD ROM with documentation
Assembly Instruction Booklet

What’s not included:
Audio/Video cable
RS232 to USB adapter
9volt power adapter
Wii Nunchuck controller

These items can be purchased from the Half-Byte Console Accessories page.

Available Games
Breakout – the classic brick breaking game from the PONG days
Elventure – a Zelda style graphical adventure game
Asteroids – the asteroid obliteration classic
Poofy Adventure – a side scrolling platform game similar in style to Mario brothers
Tetris – the classic
Starfield – a nicely done 3d-like space shooter

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