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The Half-Byte Console Kit is a small, inexpensive microcomputer using the ATMega 328p micro controller chip. The console is aimed at families who want to learn to build and program a real, working video game or computer.  The goal is not to build something that will update your Facebook page or play Call of Duty, no, the aim is to build and program something that is super simple, fun and even a bit on the retro side.  This kit is more like the old home computers of the late 1970’s than the sleek tablets of today.

You can purchase the kits on our eBay store and accessories from our Amazon  half-byte accessories store.

Available in two kits, standard game and programmer’s kit, you can assemble the kit with your kids (or by yourself and have your kids help program it) in just a couple of hours.  The standard kit allows you play games with the decidedly low resolution 84 x 44 graphics, a Wii Nunchuck (not included) and glorious black and white video.

The programmer’s kit comes with the PS/2 keyboard connector and instructions on how to install it (this teaches how to modify your circuit board using wire.) It also comes with either a PS/2 keyboard OR a USB to PS/2 adapter to use an existing USB style keyboard. Tiny Basic, a simple, easy to learn programming language, is also included along with a programming guide/manual.

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