This blog started as a means to get my thoughts out of my head in a way that I would not bore my family.  It is my own means of therapy.  Originally started on Microsoft’s now defunct ‘Live Spaces’, it migrated over to WordPress and has a sister blog on Squarespace (http://halfbyteblog.squarespace.com/)

Please feel free to let me know what you think.
George Gray

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  1. I am extremely interested in you TinyBasic Console! I cannot wait to build my own! I remember getting a TRS-80 for my 14th birthday. The original 4k version! I want to put SuperStarTrek on your console and play it just like I did in the old days!

    Thank you for the insperation!

    • Good news, I have begun ramping up production of the bare boards and will have stock in about three weeks. Look for an announcement very soon.

      The Tiny Basic for the console is capable, but, as in the old days, is limited, as is the memory in the console. I am working on a version of Star Trek that will run on the console. I know the one you are talking about, I spent many, many hours playing it, but it is too big to run. The version I am working on is based on a version I ran on my old National Semiconductor SC/MP.

      Thanks for the interest!

  2. I have already left one post but I have been unable to find it. I’m new to the arduino and C programming, I don’t think they could have chosen a worse language. I have not been able to get tiny basic going I’ve had trouble compiling the libraries as in the IDE insits there is no library (git hub seems to consider at least some of the project dead ) there appears to be mutiple revisions of the libraries used and some pin changes during developement that are not immediately obvious . By now you may have guessed that I am thorougly confused I know the information is out there but which information refers to what is not clear I have had trouble with missing libraries and tried different dowloads only to cure one problem and create another and what is a 7z file (yes I know probably every one is using them but it’s new to me) every referece on Google was in a foreign language!

    • 7z files are .ZIP files. I think you can change the extension to .ZIP and use what ever your favorite zip/unzip program is to unzip the file. The Arduino IDE can do that for you: just go into the library manager, select add library point it to the zip file.
      The choice of the ‘C’ language is actually a good one for Arduino and the Arduino dialect is easy to learn. Once you get used to the way the IDE works, you will ‘get’ the rest. Keep this in mind: Libraries that the IDE installed as part of its installation ALWAYS go in the \Program Files (x86)\Arduino\Libraries directory. Libraries that YOU install go into your \Documents\Arduino\Library directory. The problem you can run into is with multiple versions of the same library–something I struggle with myself. The TVOut library, for example, I have three versions of it. One, from Google Code, one I modified for Tiny Basic and you MUST use, and one that was modified for a few games. Yes, I get them confused…ALOT.
      If you can send me the error messages (the text of them will be fine) I can help you out. I’m sure it is a library mismatch. I have all of the libraries needed to make TB work, just let me know what you are having a problem with and I can help.

      • Thanks for the info from what I googled I would never have guessed that a 7z was a zip file, I have not done much with software in years, I’m a bit out of touch. I had a look at the assembler configuration header for one of the better spec 16F series pic’s (AAAArgH!) C/C++ has it’s uses and is probably
        shear bliss compared to assembler. I think I’m more inclined towards BASIC perhaps not the best thing but it usually comes with a very user freindly syntax checker and If like me you can’t easily see the difference between { and } very handy. I actually had more luck installing the zip files manually because I was able to see what components had been included and what was missing, the error messages (oh the messages) were many and varied and from what I could see on the forum my difficulties are not a unique phenomenon! I’m going to pass the Arduino on to a freind I don’t think I have the right mindset for arduino, have just aquired a pic 32 running MMbasic (Micromite cheap too) it’s a doddle to use (compiled with c++but not by me!) it permits the insertion of asembler and C it’s probably a better way for me to get to know C I can flesh out a program in basic and then dabble with C. I wonder how much more you could strip Tiny basic down and still have something useful a lot of 1980 machines had no floating point numbers few math functions and virtually no graphics but you could build these functions your’self and poke the display memory map for graphics (oh for the good old days and wobbly ram packs!). My firstcomputer ran an 1802 processor with a 4 bit wide multiplexed adress bus ( I think) the processor was I believe used in cruse missiles and was probably a contributary factor in so many of then going astray!

      • I’m sorry you are giving up on Arduino. It really is not that bad. Setting up the IDE is a chore, I would recommend going to the ADAFRUIT site and looking at the tutorials they have. It is wonderful stuff, a good source for parts and information.
        Stay tuned, though. I have a version of Tiny Basic for PIC as well. I’ve not released it as it has several issues that I have not addressed. It has color graphics and more memory space. It has SD Card save and load—which is my problem. I’m going to release it with the bugs, with the hope that someone more experienced in PIC can help fix the problem.

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