Download Half-Byte Tiny Basic 3

When I published the Tiny Basic 3 announcement, I included a link to download the installation package.  Well, that link was to the programming in Tiny Basic book.  Here is the correct link to download the source to upload to your Arduino or compatible:!AnSbTyHNR1Q_vvlyQ9Om0fdanKbUHg

The link has been updated in the article as well.


7 thoughts on “Download Half-Byte Tiny Basic 3

  1. Im having issues with tv out. HBTB runs/works in serial terminal, my tvout lib examples work on the tv, but my tv says no signal when running HBTB? Any ideas? Thanks

    • Hello again. TVout is finnicky, but it does work well. One thing I have noticed is that if you try to use an Arduino or look alike on a new-ish digital television, they need A LOT of signal. I have a 55 inch set that refuses to display ANY of my controllers’ video out. As I have a couple that I dedicate to them, I’ve not taken the time to troubleshoot that monster. In this case, though, you have to use the TVout library from Half-Byte. It should have been in the Zip file you downloaded. I modified it to handle some of the graphics additions to the language and also the 4×6 font. Come to think of it, it should not compile with the standard TVOut. Have you tried another TV or composite monitor? I will check some things in the mean time. Stay tuned.

    • Did you get this working? I can’t find any issues on this end…working like a charm. I’m sure it is just a library issue. Did you download the tvout library from Half-Byte?

      • I did get it working. I switched computers I was working on, from a Linux to my old Mac. The Mac is running ide 1.3 vs my Linux was ide 2.6, not sure if this mattered just a side note. Also I had to get rid of the Wii controller stuff since now when compiling it was too big..? Must be a library like you said but haven’t pin pointed the problem yet.

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