Flappy Bit: writing a Tiny Basic game that uses a light sensor and you as the game controller

FlappyBitPhotoHere’s a very rough, very crude game, in HalfByte Tiny Basic, of Flappy Bird. I call it Flappy Bit. You use the Light Sensor to control your bit. Cover the sensor and your bit moves up, shine light on it and you go down. As I have not built much logic into it, weird things happen, like sometimes the pipes blend together and you will hit it, sometimes, you go through the pipe, etc. It only uses about 400 or bytes, so there is plenty of room to play with.

Game Features:

  • Use your hand as the controller!
  • Ultra realistic blocky graphics!
  • Stunning sound!
  • Full Color Black and White!
  • True to physics!

100 CLS
110 X=1:Y=20
120 P=50:Q=0
130 L=RND(20):M=RND(20)
135 W=-1
140 A=0:Z=0
150 S=0
160 D=1
170 C=0
200 LINE P,0,P,L,1
210 LINE P,44,P,44-M,1
220 SET X,Y
225 DELAY 250
230 Z=AREAD(A)
240 IF Z<300 K=-1
250 IF Z>299 K=1
260 IF GET(X,Y+K)=1 GOTO 500
280 X=X+D
290 IF X>75 X=1:D=1
300 LINE P,44,P,44-M,0
310 LINE P,0,P,L,0
320 P=P+W
330 IF P<1 P=RND(75):M=RND(20):L=RND(20)
340 IF M<15 M=M+10
345 IF L<15 L=L+10
350 Y=Y+K
360 IF Y>40 Y=40
370 IF Y<1 Y=1
380 DELAY 100
385 IF X=P+1 C=C+1:TONE 2000,200
386 CURSOR 0,6:?C;
390 GOTO 200
500 CLS
510 ?”You hit the pipe!”
520 DELAY 5000
590 GOTO 100


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