Putting Windows 10 on my Toshiba Encore Mini

WP_20150802_20_59_36_ProI finally received the ‘Reserve Windows 10’ icon on my Toshiba Encore Mini last week, which I promptly went and ‘reserved’ my copy.  A day after general availability, I checked the icon and the resulting app that opened told me my Mini was compatible and there were no issues.  Of course, it only has 16GB of storage, of which 289 MB was available, I was a bit dubious.  So, upon finding out that one could download the Media Creation Tool, create an ISO file and install from that.

So, I proceeded to clear off some space so I could download the file-I did not know how much space I would need.  I got just over a gigabyte free and downloaded the tool.  Of course, it did not work. I tried to specify the SD card, which was 32GB and clear.  No go.

Persuing the ‘net for an ISO, which I thought Microsoft had on its site, but no longer do, I found an article on Softpedia that details how to download the ESD file and create an ISO from that. This ESD file is a compressed file image, very much like an ISO. We want an ISO because it can be mounted like a hard drive.

After getting the ISO and putting on the SD card, I mounted it as a drive on the Toshiba and began the installation process.  Unfortunately, I cannot say how long it took because I went to bed.  Upon checking it the next day, however, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it had installed and the only things left were the usual user setup and download of the applications and remaining drivers.


You knew there was a but, right?

There was the issue of drive space, the primary drive was zero bytes free.  Damn.

WP_20150802_20_59_39_ProSo…I fire up Explorer and began to poke around.  I discover the Windows.OLD directory was there. SIX GIGS worth. Now, you cannot simply right click and delete. The Trusted Installer owns the Windows directory that is in .OLD and that’s where the space was used.  Since you do not have rights to this directory, you must give them to yourself.  You must have Administrator privileges. First thing to do is right click on the Windows directory (Make sure it is in the Windows.old directory) and select PROPERTIES. Click Security.  Click ADVANCED.  Click CHANGE OWNER. Click ADVANCED, then FIND NOW. Look for your user account name and select it. Click OK, OK. Click Apply. It should then make you the owner of the directory and sub directories.  It may take a few minutes. Once done, dismiss all of the dialog boxes. From Explorer, click DELETE in the ribbon or right click and delete.  IF that does not get all files and directories, you may have to repeat the process for those directories.  It took me about fourty five minutes to get them all.  For some reason, some sub directories and files also require you to take ownership even if you ‘own’ the others.

After all of this, I ended up with just over 4GB of space left, enough to install the OFFICE Mobile Suite, which is free for screens under 10.7 inches. I was also able to install a few games from the store and still had space free, around 3GB. 

I didn’t think I’d be able to upgrade this thing, in fact, Paul Thurrot claimed to have broken his out of frustration. 

The end result is a fairly responsive and, now, usable 7 inch tablet that is running Windows 10 pretty smoothly…in 1GB of RAM.  Oh, and Bluetooth appears to be working, something that was not happening with Windows 8.1.

Turns out that my piece of junk, cheapo tablet isn’t such a piece of junk after all.  And, Word works just fine. How about that?

20 thoughts on “Putting Windows 10 on my Toshiba Encore Mini

    • There are two places you can change it: tap the notification center and then EXPAND the settings. Should be there. You can also go into the display settings–I forget which one, though. I’ll have to check on that. I think it is in the new display settings in the settings app.

  1. Hi, is the same if i choose to create ISO with standard install.wim or compressed install.esd?
    After the installation, can i delete the “windows.old” folder using “disk cleanup”?

    Thank in advance

    • Hi! I created the ISO from the ESD and mounted the ISO as a CD/DVD drive and installed from that. The ISO, btw, had been copied to an SD card.
      Yes, you can delete windows.old.

      • Thanks for the answer! I’ve ordered the tablet from amazon, as soon as it arrives i will upgrade it.to windows 10. I don’t need to upgrade bios or something else.? Is necessary to free some extra space by uninstalling some software?

      • No need to update the bios, though I do think there is one available. I removed the office 2013 install, and a few things I did not want, but you really don’t need to, as long as you have 16gb or bigger SD card to copy the ISO file. Once you copy the file to the SD card and insert it (do so with the tablet powered down, I damaged one while inserting it into my Asus Windows tablet, so I don’t take the chance any more) then, once Windows is up and running, right click the ISO and mount it. Once mounted, it will appear as a DVD drive. You can then install the upgrade. It may take several hours, so make sure it is plugged in. Start with a fully charged device. Even plugged in, if the installer detects battery level less than 40%, I think, it will stop. Feel free to email mail me or post questions. My email address in on the about page.

      • Last night i have successfully update my new encore mini. It was super easy. During the installation i received a warning about low memory space on the ssd, and i had to choose another location with extra space. I pointed to my sd card, then about 2 hours later, i saw the windows 10 bootscreen.

        Delete Windows.old folder and Temporary file.

        In your screenshots i see the keyboard icon, how can i enable it in tablet mode? I can only see it in “computer” mode.

        P.S. do you know a workaround to disable windows update?

      • Awesome! Glad it worked for you. To get the keyboard to show in tablet mode, tap and hold the task bar until the menu displays. Then tap the ‘Show Keyboard…’ option.
        No, I do not know anyway around the automatic updates. Not all of them will install anyway.

    • I have not been able to even start that upgrade. Not spent much time on it, but it needs about 18 gigs, from what I can tell and I just don’t feel like messing around with it. The tablet is so under powered, I’m not sure it is worth the effort. It is running now, so I think, for the time being, I’m just going to leave it be.

    • Wow, just read your thread, good lord. In all honesty, windows 10 makes the tablet much more usable, but getting there is a real hassle and Microsoft should never have allowed these companies to put only 1gb of RAM and 16 gb of storage in these things. That really limits them. The processors and video aren’t horrible, its the storage and memory constraints that kill them.

    • Only because i’m really stubborn, i did a clean. install of the 1151 update: mainly because now it’s possible to move the modern apps to the sd. But if i could go back in time, i won’t do it again…

  2. on my tablet passage from 8.1 to 10 it operated in automatic mode.
    but I have the same problem with your update in November. I do not have space on C.
    I downloaded and installed by ISO sk outside.
    nothing requires 5.5gb free on C
    I can not liberate more ‘than 4.9
    It remained the only win10 folder I also removed files pagging

      • Booting from USB external . gate partition recovery . Gain 1Gb . If not enough , it formats C and install win10 already included november update .
        think is possibile ?

      • Yeah, but that’s a lot of work and how many normal people are going to know that? That’s my problem with this tablet now…you have so many hoops to jump through to keep it updated. Microsoft either needs to make available updates that will work with these limited resource machines or not let the hardware makers introduce them with such small memory and storage requirements.

  3. Hello, i do a fresh install of windows 10 in encore..but i cant put the touch working…i dont know why can someone help me? regards

    • Sounds like a driver or drivers for the touch panel is missing. You can try a refresh of Windows and see if it detects it. You can also plug in a USB keyboard and do a Windows update. Connecting a USB keyboard will require a converter (Micro USB to Full size female USB) and is the best way to troubleshoot your tablet. Once the keyboard is plugged in, you can check the device manager and see if the touch panel was recognized, if it was, is it disabled, etc.

      To do a refresh, While the tablet is powered off, hold the VOL UP button and POWER button simultaneously for 5 seconds. A menu should display that will allow you to do the refresh.

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