Windows 10: Living with the Insider Previews

So, I’ve been on the Insider ‘Fast Track’ for a few months now. That means as soon as Microsoft releases a new build in the Insider Preview, I get it. Those on the ‘slow ring’ will get it when a new fast track build is released. 

edgenewtabGetting new builds this quickly is both a cool thing and a real point of pain. Some of the builds have been just awesome and other just awful.  Mostly, they are just…not ready.  For a product that is supposedly going to ‘RTM’ in July and be generally available a short time later, they sure have a lot of work left.

The latest build, 10130, while better, still has showstopper issues.  The START MENU/PAGE for one. This thing is such a turd.  The concept is cool, the execution, not so much.  If Microsoft is going to insist on the damned desktop still being there, they need to nail the start page and nail it tight. For example, when you click/press/swipe the start button, the page need to pop right up, no delay. And, it needs to be complete. So far, this seems to have eluded them and is a huge step back from both Windows 7 and 8.1.  I have four computers, two desktops, a laptop and a tablet, that have the same version of Windows 10. All of them have Start Menu/Page problems. 

newstartpage2All four of those devices also have rendering issues. After a time, things just disappear.  This is mostly  a problem with Windows Store apps, like Mail, Edge, Health and others. Tonight, though, it happened with Firefox, a desktop application. Other nagging things include Windows Store applications that do not resize well and the half baked hamburger menus. Now, I don’t have a problem with the widget itself, I don’t care what it looks like, but the content needs to be responsive and it is not.

So, what do I like? The concept. I like the notion of the combined Start Page and Menu.  I like the icons.  I like the typography. I like the boot speed.  Overall, I like Windows 10.  I realize these are incomplete builds, but some of the issues, like the Start menu/page, have been there since that first insider release. Surely, I am not the only one who has experienced this, so, why not fix it?

I am looking forward to the ‘final bits’. I will eagerly upgrade my machines. I just hope they get these things fixed.

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