Halloween Haunt: a Kings Dominion favorite is back

WP_20140926_18_41_42_ProI have not written about theme park related things for quite awhile.  I do so now as I have a personal connection and am excited to share it with you.

For a decade, I have taken my oldest son to the haunt events at Kings Dominion and, for a lot of that time, to a similar event in near by Busch Gardens Williamsburg.  For at least half of that decade, he has wanted to work as a ‘scare actor’ at Kings Dominion. Well, this year, he got his chance.  He is a Zombie in the Zombie High maze, which is already one of the favorite mazes at the park.  To my delight, he is really good at immersing himself in the part.  It is a long, tiring and dirty job, but, he loves it. WP_20140927_20_38_09_Pro

Enough boasting, lets talk about what they are doing.

This year, they five ‘scare zones’  and eight mazes.  The best mazes include Cornstalkers, Zombie High and Club Blood.  Cornstalkers is a maze made out of corn husks, bales of hey and other similar items. Most of the actors blend into the environment and are difficult to see until it is too late. They really get into character and are very enthusiastic.  Zombie High takes place in a high school setting where zombiism has broken out due to a lab experiment gone wrong. Student zombies are seen in various states and you never know where they are waiting.  The theming is excellent and the atmosphere is foreboding. Club Blood takes place in a vampire themed night club. Scantily clad ladies and beefcake vampire dudes fill the building. As with the other mazes, you never know where they are.  The exit is, perhaps, the most hair raising…if you catch it right.WP_20140927_20_28_06_Pro (2) 1

The first night we went, the park was deserted. The Virginia State Fair opened the same night and it is just down the road. I suspect that, a slew of local high school football games and other events took away from the crowd.  As such, we got way more scares than we did the next night we went.

The following night, a Saturday, the park was packed.  Long lines were everywhere. We only went through Zombie High, mainly for my son. Again, he and his co-scare actors, were on their game and we got some good scares and laughs.  The park was letting too many through at one time, which did detract from the experience.

We decided to go through the ‘scare zones’ that we did not hit up the night before. We also spent a lot of time in the ‘Clever Brothers’ zone, themed to a circus.  That was fantastic. I had as much fun watching the others getting scared as I did going through the mazes.WP_20140926_21_41_47_Pro

I anticipate this weekend’s visit to be even better as the actors know what to do and will be more comfortable.

If you are in the area, go out there and give it try.  And, hit up Zombie High, but don’t eat the meatloaf!


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