Get your USB To RS232 TTL PL2303HX Auto Converter Module working with Windows 8.x

ttlrs232usbWorking with the microcontrollers, Arduino compatibles mostly, has been quite a bit of fun but has had a few challenges.  For the last three or so months, I’ve been working with boards that do not have on board USB connectivity so I’ve had to use FTDI TTL to Serial converters.  These things are cheap, under $2 on eBay.  They work great…as long as you are not using Windows 8.  And, therein lies my problem.

As I am designing a product to be used by ordinary people, these things HAVE to work with any modern version of Windows, from XP to 8.1.  And? They didn’t work with 8 or 8.1.  So, I set out to begin designing my own interface for 8.1. Fortunately, there’s a way to make them work.

I stumbled upon a nice site,, and, one click after another led me to Nerd Ralph, a blog not unlike this one. One of the Nerd’s posts was about these little devices, which are actually clones of the Prolific device.  Prolific, understandably, was upset over the clones and made the newer drivers incompatible with the clones. The Nerd, fortunately, is very clever and found out that the older drivers do still work with the clones and has posted the older drivers.

So, go here and read the Nerd’s post and then you can either grab the drivers from his post or from here (64 bit drivers) and here (32 bit Windows 7 drivers).


8 thoughts on “Get your USB To RS232 TTL PL2303HX Auto Converter Module working with Windows 8.x

  1. I am confused you said yours did not work with Windows 8 and you said you came across this other site and posted links for Windows 7 drivers But it sounded like you had found drivers for Windows 8 ummm

    • The current drivers from Prolific do not work with these cloned devices and Windows 8.x But the older Windows 7 drivers do work with them on Windows 8.x

      • :Dhe I JUST read your comment on the Nerd’s post “The earlier Windows 7 drivers works great with Windows 8.1. ”
        XD thanks! I’m pretty certain I have a couple of these lying around. great helpful post 😀

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