Firefox less secure than Internet Explorer

Now, that headline grabbed your attention, didn’t it?  Regardless of the validity of that statement, Firefox did, in fact, have the most exposed vulnerabilities at this years Pwn2Own event, sponsored by HP.

Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Adobe Flash were all compromised during the two day event, which saw HP dole out $850,000 in award money.  The monies were paid out for the exposure of the flaws. 

IE was exploited once on each day. Safari, a previous popular choice for exploitation, was only exploited by one team.  Chrome was also exploited, once. Both Safari and Chrome had their sandboxes bypassed, allowing code execution in the ‘real world.’

Firefox, on the other hand, was like a runny faucet, exploited three times on the first day and once on the second day.  Mozilla, however, is generally pretty quick in fixing the troubled browser, so I wouldn’t worry too much. If you use Firefox, be sure to update it when you get the notification.

In previous Pwn2Own events, Safari was generally the first to fall and the easiest. It seems to have fared a bit better this year.  Internet Explorer is generally a popular choice for teams to go after, but, it too, seems to be faring better in recent events. Both Google and Mozilla WANT their browsers to be exploited, so they can fix them and make them better. If this years event is any indication, Firefox should be bullet proof pretty soon.

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