Adafruit, USBTinyISP, Digital Signature and Windows 8: hoop jumping time

I do development work on a variety of PC’s in my home, Windows 7, Windows 8 and, yes, even on a Windows Vista laptop.  So far, it’s not been a problem. Oh, sure, my ancient copy of Visual Studio 2005 tells me it is not compatible with Windows 8, but ignore the warning and keep on going…no issues yet and I’ve been running it for awhile now.  However, drivers for things like USB programmers have not been an issue (well, OK, there was the one Radio Shack Serial to USB cable that Windows 8 hates) until now.

IMG_2603I go to setup one of my Windows 8 desktops with the Arduino IDE so I can do some work with the Adafruit Trinket. The IDE installs just fine. I make all of the changes that Adafruit says I need to make to the IDE so it can support the Trinket.  Everything is great…until I try to install USBTinyISP. It’s drivers are not digitally signed.  Windows 8 does not allow unsigned drivers.  Well, damn. So, off to the ‘net I go.

I BING ‘USBTinyISP and Windows 8’ and get this site, Next of Windows. Here, they have a short tutorial on how to enable the ability to install unsigned drivers. Now, I understand why Microsoft did this…it was designed to protect consumers and help ensure only good stuff gets on your computer.

Rather than retread what Next of Windows has already done, just go there and follow the instructions. There are a few restarts involved as you are accessing settings that are only mean to be accessed if your PC is having issues with Windows.

Now, while Microsoft may be partly to blame, I also wonder why Adafruit does not supply a signed driver or, at least, tell you how to install it under Windows 8. It is, after all, on the LEARNING System.

Once I got the driver installed, Arduino IDE was able to program the Trinket and all is well with the universe.

UPDATE: It seems that Adafruit DID, in fact, post instructions for installing on Windows 8. Apologies to Adafruit are in order [wipes egg from face.] Here’s the link to the page that actually says ‘Don’t forget, for Windows 8, you will have to turn off driver signing checking..’. I don’t know how I missed that.

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