Windows 8.1 Movie Moments: create your one minute masterpiece in just a few moments

Screenshot (30)Microsoft released several interesting applets with Windows 8.1 Preview. Among the little gems is a simple little video editor called Movie Moments. This little app allows you to create video clips of up to a minute in length. You can apply one of three themes, several music tracks and add a variety of titles and captions.  There are few editing options, you can move your timeline around the video’s timeline, split a video clip and…that’s about it. You can save your movie moment and share with other applications/services.

While it seems really simple, it is actually quite useful and fun. 

Screenshot (32)Recently, we bought an activity seat for our four month old son. He loved it, so I brought out the Windows tablet and fired up the video camera and shot about five minutes of video. Of course, while the video was recording, he did little of the cutesy stuff he had done prior to the video. But, there were a few little gems in there, so I was able to import the video into Movie Moments, slide the slider to the desired moment and add my titles and captions.  I added some funky music and then previewed the masterpiece.  Happy, I clicked SAVE.  Viola! My masterpiece was complete. It took just a few minutes to complete.

Screenshot (31)The application has options to import, save and share.  Editing opitons include theme selection, music selection, highlight text and turn freeze frame on or off. Freeze frame does what it says…at the caption point, it will freeze the frame momentarily. 

If I had any complaints, it would be that there aren’t enough themes. Currently, there are only three and you cannot intermix them. Admittedly, keeping the selection to minimum makes the application really simple to use, but it also limits the creativity that can be done.

The application is only available in the Windows 8.1 version of the store. It is from Microsoft and is currently free.a


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