Microsoft capitulates: removes restrictions on XBOX ONE

xboxoneHere’s a new twist: Microsoft actually LISTENED to its fans and critics and stated that the restrictive DRM on the upcoming XBOX ONE will be removed. It is not entirely clear if they are simply disabling it for a future when people will be more accepting or if it is actually being removed. Whatever the case, Microsoft is not going to implement them for the release this fall.

What this means, however, is that the better stuff that Microsoft announced, the family sharing, the reselling of the digital downloads, ability to access your digital downloads from other consoles and other features are now gone.  The mechanism that would have allowed all of that was part of that restrictive DRM.  Oh, you will now be required to have the game disc in the machine in order to play.

Now, this is good and bad. It is good in that the way we now play games will, seemingly, not change. It is bad because the good things, such as those mentioned above, are now lost. OK, here’s the thing, though…Microsoft did a poor job communicating those benefits. 

Had they properly communicated the BENFITS to that restrictive DRM, I would not be writing about them reversing their decision.

I have to hand it to the company, for good or bad, they finally listened and took to heart the criticism (which, no doubt, they will continue to get BECAUSE they reversed course…it’s already started over on Gizmodo.  Good on you, Microsoft, for at least listening and acting on your customer’s wishes.


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