Windows 8: the Return of the Start Button

Microsoft is about to release an update to Windows 8, cleverly called Windows 8.1.  Among the many improvements: more Modern UI goodness for control panel items, better multitasking and…tada!  The Start Button and a boot to desktop ‘feature’.

Yep. Microsoft caved. Months and months emphatic talk from the company, which took a hard line on these two features: Neither were coming back. Well, they are. Apparently, an edict came from high up in the company (Ballmer?) to restore these features.

So, 8.1 will deliver (supposedly, but, as Mary Jo Foley points out, we won’t know for sure until it actually releases, things could change before then) a Start Button and an option to boot to the desktop.

It isn’t as bad as it seems, thought.

The Start Button is just a button that takes you to the ModernUI Start Page. Yup, no start MENU, but the Start PAGE.  I can deal with that.  It’s the boot to desktop that is a bit harder to swallow. It isn’t necessary, you can get to-easily-all of your applications, ModernUI or antique desktop via the Start Page.

However, since all the Start Button will do is take on back to the Start Page, I guess this arrangement is more palatable.  I am guessing, though, that Microsoft has improvements to the Start Page in the pipeline to make it somewhat easier for those who still seem to have a difficult time with ModernUI.

Microsoft says a public preview of 8.1 will be out in June, but I’ve heard that these changes will NOT be in that preview. So, we will have to wait until sometime in September, when the final code is unleashed.


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