What does the New York Times have to do with this blog?

I watch the blog stats on a regular basis. I am always interested in what people read the most. It is, usually, about running old games in newer versions of Windows, something OneNote related or the home page. In the last few days, though, a post from quite awhile back has gotten a lot of attention. That post, about Altair creator Ed Roberts, turns up, quite high, in search results when you search for ‘pioneering microcomputer’ or a variation of that. So, why, suddenly, was this post read? It was not Ed’s passing, anniversary of the Altair or anything related.

So, what gives?

As it turns out, ‘pioneering microcomputer’ was a clue (Altair’ was the answer) in the New York Times puzzle.

How about that?

Now, I am sure most of those who visited this blog won’t be back but, hopefully, a few will return.  That is fine with me.

Traffic comes from all kinds of places, but, to be part of the NYT puzzle, by association, well, that’s just cool.


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