Conquering the world with a Windows 8 Tablet

photo3The Asus VivoTab Smart does not have a CD/DVD drive, which precludes the installation and/or use of software that requires such a device.  Fortunately for me, I don’t need to run much software on the table that requires a CD/DVD drive.  But, alas, there are a few that I do want to run on the tablet, and one of them was Rise of Nations, a Civilization type strategy game from Microsoft. Now, this game is a decade old, but I find that I am still somewhat addicted to this game. So, installing would require an optical drive.  What to do?

Well, on one of the Windows 8 machines I have, I have set its optical drive to be shared. I mount the drive on the tablet and select the Autorun on the game disc. It worked just fine.

Installing over wifi like this will take some. However, this method does allow you to play or use software that you have on CD/DVD.

fileexplorerTo use, open a File Explorer (also known as Windows Explorer) and click on your optical drive. Right click the drive to bring up a list of things to do. Select ‘Share With’ and then ‘Advanced Sharing.’ Next, click ‘Share’. If Share is greyed out, then click Advanced Sharing.  For ‘Sharing’, follow the on screen directions and click OK. If in Advanced Sharing, type the name you wish to use for the shared drive in the ‘Share name’ box.  Click ‘Permissions’ and make sure ‘Everyone’ and ‘Read Only’ are select. Click OK until all of the boxes are gone.  Now, go to your tablet and bring up File Explorer window, goto the network and find the name of the computer that contains the shared drive.  Double tap fileexplorer2to open it up. You should see the share drive. You can map it to your tablet by tap-hold (tap the icon, but leave your finger on the icon until the little square shows.) Select ‘Map Network Drive’ and select the drive letter. I chose E: since D: is a reserved drive on my Asus. It contains the recovery partition and this is likely the case on most Windows 8 and Windows 8 PRO machines. Finally, click Finish.

Now, in File Explorer, you should have a drive E that is really the optical drive on your computer.

photo4While this method (which is actually what Apple recommends for Macbook Airs) is slower than if the drive were connected directly to your computer, it does work and works well.  Have some paitience, it took two or three times longer to install Rise of Nations, but the game, which requires the disk be in the drive, works well.

Happy conquering!


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