Another OneNote alternative: Work Notes Pro

Anyone who has followed this blog knows that I am a big OneNote fan.  While I am a huge fan of the software, that has not kept me from looking for alternatives. Now that I am a Windows 8 user, I have been looking for RT style OneNote-like applications. Yes, there is a RT version of OneNote-and it’s really good-but I am looking for something that is a tad simpler as well.

There is such a thing and it is called Work Notes Pro.

WNP takes the idea of OneNote and removes some of the flexibility but maintains the ease of use and follows the RT style pretty good.

Instead of using the notebook metaphor that OneNote uses, WNP uses the notions of notes and tabs in a card-file like metaphor. Perhaps this works because the thumbnails are of the tile nature (which makes sense, given that this is Windows 8.)

WorkNotesProPage4When you open WNP, you see your card list.  From this screen, you can slice and dice your data. You can show it in groupings, like projects, to-do’s, keywords, etc. You can then further limit what shows via a filter.  This method of slicing your data is pretty cool and very easy to use. Though, when entering your notes, you must keep this in mind by properly filling out the tiles on the left side of the note card.


The tiles along the left side of your note card allow you to specify a project to associate the note with; set your keywords; mark it as a to-do and then set the status; add a reminder and others. You can insert media like an audio recording, photo or video to the note card. Of course, right clicking brings up the command bar which reveals editing features like change the font, justification, etc. Note editing is fairly robust, but some things are missing like bullets and the ability to insert a tab.  These are easy to overcome, but should have been included.

You can also export your notes to text files or media files.

There is also some integration with Microsoft SkyDrive for syncing your notes.  Once you allow the app to use your Live ID, you will be logged in automatically and your data will be synced to SkyDrive.  Since the app is currently Windows 8/RT only, I’m not sure what this gets you other than backing up your data.

Currently, the app is available in the Windows Store and is free.

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5 thoughts on “Another OneNote alternative: Work Notes Pro

  1. Sounds interesting. Have been using OneNote w/ Win7. One thing I wish it had was the option to save locally and then sync updates when desired for other devices to have your data synced. Have a slow Internet so have to be very careful of data used. The best things I like about it is being able to add an image background to a note and be able to add text, links, or draw randomly on that image. This works out well for my garden projects. The other thing I like is support for tables in notes and being able to sort on columns. I can’t understand why more PIMs don’t have these basic features.

    • You CAN save your data locally and sync with OneDrive when you want. Go to FILE-OPTION-SAVE and BACKUP to set your locations up. You MAY have create a new local notebook and then copy your notes over.

      Also, if you have EXCEL, you can embed a spreadsheet directly into your OneNote. If you have a table already, you can right click the table and then convert it to an Excel Spreadsheet, work with it in Excel and then return it to OneNote when you save the spreadsheet. Kind of a kludge, I know, but it works if you have Excel installed.

      OneNote is a terrific application.

      Thanks for dropping by.

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