Windows 8/RT App Mini Review: PhotoFunia

I have been sampling some of the applications in the Windows 8 store. Most of them look fantastic (with a few exceptions) and most work well, though seem to be limited. However, I have found a few gems among them.

photofunia1The first is a photo app that takes your picture, looks for the face(s) and then inserts the face portion into a template that you choose. The app, called PhotoFunia, also lives on the web and is available on all major smartphone platforms, including Palm webOS, Windows Phone, iPhone, Android and Symbian. It’s the Windows RT app, however, that shines.

When you start the app, you are presented with the typical, but attractive RT grid layout of template options. Click a template and you are taken to that template’s page. Most of them have a tile that holds the photo you select, maybe an option or two and the go button. You can also pin the template to the Start page or add it to the application favorites.photofunia3

The application then inserts the face of the person in your photograph into the appropriate area of the template, resizing and adding any effects as necessary.

Once complete, you are presented with the final photo, which you can save if you wish (by right clicking to bring up the save bar.)

The speed is impressive, I have only waited a few seconds-less than five-in most cases. I think one took ten seconds, but it had two people instead of one.

There is a plethora of templates included. They range from movie posters, billboards, magazine covers and tattoo’s.  The Tattoo is one of the cooler templates in the application. There are cutesy ones and, so it seems, there are movie tie ins as well (perhaps this is where they make money.) You can get the same templates on the web site as well.

The most intriguing thing, however, is support for Symbian and webOS smartphones. They are still listed on the ‘apps’ page of the website and, indeed, you can see phones that run those operating systems in the photo on that page. It is nice see someone still supporting webOS, perhaps the most innovative smartphone platform out there.

photofunia5The application is free and, so far, I’ve not seen where you need to purchase anything. The web site contains ads, but, so far, I’ve not seen any in the app.

The thing I’ve noticed, so far, with most RT apps is that they look great and PhotoFunia is no exception. The app looks great, is easy to use-even with the mouse and keyboard. In face, I’m really at a loss regarding the criticism about the Windows RT environment and using a mouse and keyboard with it. There is a slight learning curve, but it is really quite easy to use.

PhotoFunia is available in the Windows App Store and is free.


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