Nintendo Wii U gets pricing, launch date

WiiUDeluxSetThe big tech news of the week, no I don’t mean that fruitcake phone, is Nintendo, finally, releasing details on the successor to the Wii, the Wii U.  The new console from Nintendo will be released November 18 and available in two sets: a basic set with 8gb of storage, HDMI cable (!), controllers and white will retail for $299.99 while the Deluxe Edition with 32gb of storage and black will be fifty dollars more.  Even better, Nintendo is allowing you to add more storage via USB, to either system. In addition, purchasers of the Deluxe bundle will also get a free subscription to NIntendo’s new premium online service.

Approximately fifty titles for the console will be available in the launch window, including Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and New Super Mario Brothers Wii U. 

The console, unlike it’s older brother, will be HDTV compatible and on par, finally, with the other current gen consoles.

The big draw for the Wii U, however, is its unique main controller, a six inch tablet like device.  Games can utilize the second screen for a litany of things.  For example, Call of Duty will use the second screen for the mini map radar, load out screen, etc.  Golf games can use the second screen to display the ball while the player uses a WiiMote to swing. The TV screen is the golf course. Fully immersive.  Other games will use the second screen for stats and other game data.basicWiiU

No word yet on when the controller will be available as an accessory or how much it will cost. Nintendo has said that it will only be sold when there are games that can utilize the second controller.

For a list of launch window titles, click here.

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