Surface devices…what we now know

Microsoft, finally, released a few details on the Windows 8 and Windows RT Surface tablets.  Dell, Asus, Lenovo and Samsung are all going to make and market the RT flavored devices. Toshiba and Vizio will follow later in the year.  Microsoft, of course, is also going to sell RT and 8 Surface devices with the RT flavor to be available October 26.

Windows RT also went gold at the same time as 8, which is not surprising given that they both share a common code set.

Microsoft claims that battery will be outstanding: Windows RT devices will yield about 8 to 13 hours of battery time while playing HD video. I’m guessing it will be more if doing something less intensive.

They also talked about Connected Standby.  Connected Standby is a mode whereby the device is ‘on’, so it can quietly update things like email and other notification so that when you turn ‘on’ the device, it is ready, immediately. They Connected Standby is good for 320 hours to  409 hours, depending on the device.

Pricing was not discussed, though columnist Paul Thurrot (source of this particular post) says that from what he has seen, it falls in line with the pricing of the iPad. So, figure about $499 for the low end model.  Which, I might add, is way too high for such devices and the iPad.

The devices will also feature NFC, which is similar in concept to Bluetooth. NFC works by tapping two NFC enabled devices together and sharing things like URL’s, photos, music, etc.

The release date is currently set for October 26 for Win RT.


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