“This ipad was made by samsung”

So, Apple is suing companies all over the globe for patent infringement, trademark infringement and copyright infringement. As well as a host of other things.  One of the companies they are hitting hard is Samsung.

Samsung makes a line of smartphones and tablets.  The quality of the products vary, but all of are generally sound design and Samsung just does not make junk, so it is all going to be satisfactory.  The operating system in most of the devices is some flavor of Android and therein lies the problem. See, Steve Jobs swore that he would do anything he could to destroy Android and litigation is one big weapon in the arsenal.

Apple’s biggest argument is that people will confuse the Samsung devices with Apple devices and buy the Samsung device instead.  Hmmm…let’s ponder that. They think people will just ignore the big SAMSUNG on the packaging. That they will ignore SAMSUNG emblazoned on the device in silver letters.  Do they really think the public is that stupid?  (Judging from the dreary but now defunct ads, I’d say yes.)

How anyone could confuse the two is a real mystery. You’d have to be pretty ignorant to do so.

And, Apple, by nature, there is only a few original ways to design a tablet or phone and you do not own that. No one does.

Good Night!


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