My vintage tech: a half byte blog

There is a new member of the Half Byte Blog family: My Vintage Tech.

My Vintage Tech is a blog where I will be writing about technology Izune-top currently or have owned that is no longer ‘current’. It may be tech that is now outdate but useful, outdated and useless, something I had in the past, things that are no longer supported by the manufacturer. And, it does not necessarily have to be old either: the Zune, Peek email device and camcorders are but a few.

In some cases, not only is the technology gone, so is the company that introduced it. Like Palm. Like Magnavox. 72_Magnavox_Odyssey_General1

Much of this stuff I still and and most still functions. Some, like the Peek email device, no longer do what they were designed to do because that company changed focus to something different. However, it can be hacked and hack I will, one day. 

So, where can you find this treasure trove of past-tech goodness?  Well, click here. That will take you there. 


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