Comcast: new consumer focus?

So, I’ve been pretty harsh on Comcast-with good reason. However, I have to share a rather pleasant trip I had to the local Comcast office.
I had two DVR’s and neither of them worked right. One would not authorize and the other stopped displaying the HD channels and refused to record or playback. Since we only need a DVR on one TV anyway, I decided to swap one for just a digital box. So, we went to the Comcast office and not only did we not have to wait (went Saturday afternoon) but they were pretty efficient. The damned window booths are gone. They are using iPads to pre-screen customers so they can go to the right person and, in our case, that was just two feet away. The young lady who waited on us was not only helpful and patient (I couldn’t make up my mind as to what kind of box I wanted) she was also very nice.

Unfortunately, the experience once I got the gear home was different. The DVR installed quite easily, but the digital converter did not – and it is much simpler than the DVR. Calling the local authorization number did not help. I had to call the national number. However, it was not a difficult ordeal as they now use voice prompts instead of the keypad on the phone. Once I told it which box to authorized, it took just a few seconds to get the box working.

The DVR, however, does not work with HBO, which I pay for, and the Video On Demand. It is giving me the old ‘not authorized’ message and a funky error screen. So, another call is in store.

Overall, though, I have to say, the Comcast of old appears to be going away, replaced with a better, more consumer focused company.

The recent change to the data cap, the better attention to consumers via Facebook and Twitter and the revamping of the local offices all add up to a more pleasant experience.

Good on you, Comcast!


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