WTF? A few oddities I spotted…

In perusing the tech world news, one often finds a few things that make you say ‘What the f____?’  The last few days have provided a wealth of these things…read on, friends…

  • Hulu will require cable tv subscriptions – yeah, WTF? Cable TV subscriptions are going to be required to watch shows mostly available for free, over the air? No thanks.
  • Australian billionaire to build a replica of the Titanic-well, let’s hope it is not an exact copy and it does not launch on April 12.
  • Microsoft invests $300 in…the Nook? – Well, technically, the investment is in a joint venture between Barnes and Noble and Microsoft. B&N’s Nook division will be part of this new venture.
  • Nintendo posts first operating loss and it’s handheld gaming business is dead-Ok, what?  The 3DS is selling well both in the States and in Japan. The DS is still selling well. Given that, pundits are saying that the iPad is killing Nintendo.  Umm…right.  Yes, there are a ton of games on iPad…but not many GOOD games.  Nintendo did post a big loss…but, the Wii probably did more damage than good because it is now saturated and there are no new games coming out. At least, not any good games.
  • Finally, Asteroid mining is here-Well, sorta. Last week, a new venture was revealed that will mine asteroids.  James Cameron and Ross Perot, Jr are among the elite who are behind this venture.  Rumor has it that Ben Affleck has applied for a position with the company.

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