Technology hates me, still…my long trail of dead technology

I’ve been a techfan for as long as I can remember. As such, I’ve owned LOTS and LOTS of gear. Unfortunately for me, and I’ve written about this before, I’ve not always picked the best or even next best technology. For example, I bought into eight tracking home recording just as that technology was being buried. Later in my home video phase, I bought into the following technologies:

  • Quasar’s Great Time Machine-a half inch videotape in shell format. It was two and four hour recording in a shell with stacked reels and single heads for audio and video. It didn’t last long.
  • Beta. ‘nuff said.
  • CED, or Capacitive Electronic Disc-a 12 inch ‘vinyl’ like disc that held two hours of video and stereo audio. The quality was slightly better than VHS tape and the movies were under $20 when the tapes were $60 and higher. RCA poured millions into the format but, alas, killed in 1984. It was, however, the first affordable, mass produced home video player.
  • LaserDisc-LaserDisc predates CED by about two years, but did not really take off until the late 1980’s and, then, ‘take off’ means that ‘videophiles’ loved it. It lasted until the mid to late ‘90s when DVD came along an ate everyone’s lunch.
  • HD-DVD-I bought my player and started my collection RIGHT BEFORE the format’s demise. Warner Brothers announced it was switching to Blu-Ray (after Sony paid them millions to do so) and that was it. The other studios left HD-DVD in droves and, that was that.

My luck in other technologies has not been any better…

  • Windows Mobile phone-not shedding a tear for this one. My Moto Q was replaced three times but that didn’t help the abysmal performance of the operating system.
  • Peek Email device-I voluntarily dumped this turd. I see they are now going with a phoneless-smartphone from India. Good luck with that.
  • Palm PDA-I bought a Zire 31 from Palm only to find out the next day that the smartphone had killed the PDA. Why the hell didn’t they tell me?
  • Microsoft Zune-I love both of my Zunes, including the poop-brown Zune original. The Zune HD is a terrific device. Love it. Still using it and will do so until it dies. Or I buy a Windows Phone 7.
  • Nintendo anything-Love my DS and both of the Wii’s (which, as I write, is being played by family members) but I see they are dead and antiquated technologies that, apparently, no one is playing or buying. Hmm.

This all brings me to my Palm Pre. I bought my Pre on June 6, 2009, the day they were released. I went to the Sprint store, 7am sharp, and stood in line waiting for it. For a brief period of time, about two minutes, I felt and understood what my fellow Apple friends knew. I was an idiot for getting up early and waiting in line for a dumbass phone. It was exciting, though. Brand new-and, for a moment, cool-phone that had a cool-ish touch screen and a real keyboard. Man, this thing was cool. For about five minutes. I continued to fawn over the device, for nearly a year. Then the last update came out and turned my precious phone into a turkey. The love affair cooled. I found myself wanting a-dare I say-Apple branded product known as iPhone. Alas, Sprint did not carry said device so I kept the Pre. Still have and use the Pre. But, not for long. The newer and sexier Windows Phone 7 devices are out and Sprint carries one of them. Ah…Win Phone 7. Yeah, finally, this is the one device that will make it. Yep. Windows Phone 7, here I come.


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