Left lane ends, merge right

I recently sold my old home and purchased a new to me house that is about twenty miles or so from my old home.  My commute to and from work is about the same, time wise.  However, the traffic is much worse (though, for Richmond, VA, it isn’t really traffic at all just a bunch of cars trying to occupy the same spots at the same time.)  My former route had one or two slow spots but was, for the most part, moving at all times.  My new route, however, involves an on-ramp where two lanes merge into one, then a left lane from another interstate highway merges into the on-ramp which then becomes two lanes. BUT…of course, those have to merge into one lane and then onto Interstate 95 north.  Fun, huh?

So what you say.  Well, the problem is that, even though there are LOTS OF SIGNS saying the left lane ends ahead, no one freaking reads them!  They wait until the last possible second to merge or even attempt to pretend to merge.  And then they get mad at you because you are in the correct lane and they are not. They always, always expect you to slow and let them in even though they waited to try to merge.  Sometimes I will acquiesce and let them in, but only if they have their signal light on, otherwise, tough turkey and hit me, I dare you.  They don’t seem to care if there were car lengths between you and the vehicle in front, plenty of room for them to get over. NO. They have to wait until the last possible second before they do try.  Well, tough.  You gonna wait, I ain’t playing. 

Courtesy and politeness seems to have disappeared (yes, I see the irony given my above attitude) and, seemingly, will never come back.  It seems everyone is in such a freaking hurry these days that they just don’t give a crap.  And that’s sad.

Really, are YOU EVER in such a hurry that you cannot take a few seconds to read a sign and try to do the right thing?  I rarely am and I’m sure none of my readers are either.  I think the people who take time to read what I, a nobody, write, then you have the time to do the right thing on the road too.  So, this is not really aimed at you. No, it is the insensitive ones who can barely use Google, let alone find Half Byte and actually read it.

Conversely, I despise the ones who are in the correct lane and refuse-no matter what-to let you in when you are, clearly, trying to merge well before the bloody lane ends. These people are just rude assholes who should not be driving anyway.

Situations such as these tend to make me a bit, shall we say, weary of my fellow human.  These people look normal enough and come in all sorts of flavors…male, female, African-American, Caucasian, Middle-Eastern, Asian, you name it. Even some of our more stately humans (read older crowd) turn evil in times like this.  Why?  I just don’t get it.

What do you think?  Am I overreacting here?  I’d love to hear what you think.  Comment below with your pet peeves on the road.

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