Microsoft copying Google search results? So what?

Microsoft ‘stealing’ search results from Google?  Google claims to have conducted an undercover sting to prove that Bing copies Google search results.  Really Google? You have nothing better to do?

OK, so let’s see what the complaint is: Microsoft used it’s ‘Bing’ toolbar to ‘watch’ the search habits of user’s who using Google. They then used that data to tailor the search results of Bing to return similar results for user’s of Bing.  I call that clever.

Regardless of HOW Bing got it’s results, the simple fact is that Bing provides a better overall experience than Google.  And how do I know that the Google toolbar doesn’t do the same thing? 

While Microsoft kind of admitted that, yes, they did monitor searches, they did nothing wrong. And, they are correct.  I would not have a problem if Google were ‘caught’ doing the same thing.  From where I sit, neither company is without guilt and Google, well, this is the company that photographs homes, people doing normal and not so normal things and posts it on the net. They collect WiFi data. They built user profiles.  They tailor ads using all of this data that they collect. They are, by no means, innocent. That they are crying foul over what they say Microsoft did just makes them look bad.

Google should focus it’s own honesty and come clean about all of the data it collects and what it does with said data and stop worrying about Microsoft-a company who’s day has come and gone.


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