No Peeking in my future

So, after upgrading my Peek Classic to the new Peek 9 software, I was left with an unstable and nearly useless device. When the plug was pulled, I did take them up on the one dollar device offer. Well, my new Peek 9 finally arrived. So, how is it?
Well, I wish I could tell you. See, I have a device that, while it is SUPPOSED to work out of the box, it does not. I have emailed them about the problem, even asking how to cancel and, surprise, I have yet get any kind of response. A generic message came from them stating a few ‘common’ things, but since my device is not connecting, none it helps.
I have tried to give them the benefit of the doubt here, but, enough is enough. The device is nearly pointless unless you do not have a cell phone. Ten bucks (or twenty, depending on the plan) a month is a bit much for such a hobbled device.
I guess you can add another win to the technology column in the tech versus George battle. Sigh.


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