My battle with technology

I have been on the losing end of a week long argument with technology. Indeed, between my cell phone (a Palm Pre), my computer (an HP), my laptop (also HP), my XBOX 360 and a Buffalo Wireless router, technology seems to have forsaken me.
It all started when I went out on Saturday. My cell phone’s battery seemed to drain very quickly and would not charge. No problem, I thought. I will stop by the Sprint store-where I bought the bloody thing-and just buy a fresh, new battery. WRONG. Of course the Sprint store does not carry batteries. For any phone. Nor do they stock the damned Palm Pre. “It’s been discontinued.” WHAT? Last time I looked, it was still being offered by the mother ship. OK, so I’ll try Verizon. They, too, don’t carry batteries but they did, very happily, try and sell me an Android phone. Thanks, but no. Best Buy? Surely THEY will have one. NOPE. So, where did I find said battery? At a Radio Shack. On clearance.
New problem with the phone is that now, one in five times of closing the phone, it will just shut down. And, of course, it takes five minutes to restart. It makes me want to launch it into orbit.
So, my computer is a quad core HP desktop with 8gb of memory and ample disk storage. This thing should just scream speed. And it did. Until Sunday. Something was updated (one of many updates I decided to let it install, my bad.) Once it restarted, it has been crawling. A quick look at the task list does not show anything unusual. It just hates me.
I pull out the laptop to use while watching a program on television with my son. I notice the battery is down to 65%. After making sure the power adaptor is, in fact, plugged in, I decided that it is indeed HP that hates me and not just the desktop computer.
What really had put this whole argument with technology in the toilet was the Buffalo router. I suppose it is really a blessing in disguise as I finally had a reason to buy a nice router. The way it died, however, was just insidious. It didn’t just stop working. Oh no. No, it just stopped talking to the Internet. Then it stopped talking to the other computers. It still lights up and shows it is connected, but it is a liar. It knows I am watching it. It flirts with me. Winking its lights incessantly. But, I know better. I know it is not REALLY working.
The Buffalo’s replacement is a shiny new D-Link router. It is a nice, shiny black. It has green lights that blink very quickly. Did I say it was shiny? No? It is very shiny. And this one lets me block things, keep nice logs, make one of a hundred different settings changes. It is also very shiny. I am in love with my router. I know it will let me down, they always do. But, I will enjoy our relationship as long as I can.
Tonight, as I pen this, I feel like a character-one of the humans-from a dreadful Steven King novella. You know, that awful one where the trucks come to life. Yeah, that one. My computer will sprout legs and chase me around. I know it will. I’m watching it, though. I’m watching.


5 thoughts on “My battle with technology

  1. Love this post! Scott Lovegrove who writes loads of plugins for Live Writer (so he’s a coder) also has bad luck with any technical equipment including computers which is unlucky.
    Sounds like they all decided to play you up at exactly the same time. Sort of a ‘gang warfare event. Hopefully all will be well for some time, until they decided to strike again that is.

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