Happy Anniversary, Jo Ellen

IMG_0079Nineteen years ago today, I married the love of my life.  Having bugged her enough to finally go out with me, I was eager to impress her.  Unfortunately, that first date was not exactly what I had hoped.  We both had had a bad day and the movie, ‘Ghost’, was not exactly first date material.  Luckily for me, she gave me another chance.  That second date turned out much, much better.  While I don’t recall the specifics of that second date (it was, after all, over 20 years ago,) I do remember it was a wonderful date.

Jo Ellen was full of life and very happy.  She had a sweet, outgoing personality and a laugh that was very infectious.  I knew, after that second date, that she was the one for me. After all, if she was willing to give me another chance, I knew I better do what I could to hang on to her.

I proposed to her some six months later and she said yes.

We had a wonderful marriage, even during those first few ‘lean’ years.  Eventually, however, we bought a house and had a wonderful baby boy.

As Chase got older, he had some medical problems that, at the time, seemed worse than they were.  Test after test was pretty scary but, once we had a firm diagnosis, it was much easier to deal with.  Eventually, Chase outgrew most of the problems.  Unfortunately, as Chase was getting better, Jo Ellen’s health began to slide.

Throughout everything, Jo Ellen still had her sense of humor and her charm, even in the tremendous pain that she endured in her last few months on this Earth.  Even in the ICU, with a breathing tube in her throat, she still managed a smile for Chase.

I miss her terribly.

Happy Anniversary, Sweetie.

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