Digg and the Digg Patriots: Digg gets gamed

I generally try to avoid politics on this blog and pretty much stick to technology with some non-tech things thrown in for a little balance.  Well, I found something that mixes politics AND technology as well as humor because I think it is pretty darn funny.

The tech aspect is the web site DIGG.COM and the political aspect is an alleged ‘right wing’ conspiracy that, if it is true, is just funny.

See, since Digg’s inception, it has been a strong hold for those with more ‘left leaning’ political views.  When the occasional ‘right’ leaning story made it to Digg’s front page, it was generally filled with comments that were exactly opposite.  Another pattern that is frequent on the site is anti-American anything and comments like ‘I am so ashamed to say I’m from this country.’

So, the latest to hit Digg is that some on the ‘right’ are doling out the same medicine and Digg’s fans are furious about it.  A group called ‘Digg Patriots’ (what else?) figured out to exactly the same thing that a hand full of people have been doing for years.  It’s pretty darn funny too.  Funny how when you are doing something that ticks off others, it is fine.  When that happens to you, suddenly it’s not so fine.  What goes around comes around, so I am told.

I used to be a huge Digg fan.  I went there for mostly tech news.  But, even then, instead of ‘left’ versus ‘right’, it was Windows versus Mac versus Linux and, usually, it was the Linux fans who were the most boisterous, followed closely by the Mac fans.  Windows was usually drowned out.  Digg slowly became irrelevant, something that it is trying to overcome now. 

Indeed.  Even Digg’s management realized that they had become a joke.  They are introducing a new Digg where, like Twitter and Facebook, you can see stories by those that YOU follow and want to read, a decidely welcome improvement.

For some fun reading about this vast conspiracy, go here.  Be sure to read the comments too.  There’s more to this that I’m not going to talk about, you can read about it there. 

This whole thing looks like a bunch of ten year olds arguing over who gets to play with the shiny new toy.  Hmm, come to think about it, that’s what Digg has been like for the last few years.

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