Blackberry to be shuttered; last IE 9 prebeta and Google Flatline

  • Saudi Arabia to block Blackberry service this week.  It had been reported that the kingdom of Saudi Arabia would block the service later, but they announced that this Friday the service would be blocked.  Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates would ban the service because it does not meet those governments security standards.  The Blackberry devices are, apparently, too secure and Rim refuses to provide any kind of ‘back door’ access to the data. There is also a dispute over where said data should reside.
  • Final IE 9 pre-beta scores a 95/100 on the Acid 3 test.  Big deal, right?  Well, yeah, it is.  Until now, no Microsoft browser has come close to scoring so high on the test.  The higher the score, theory goes, the better the compatibility with the most up to date web standards.  A beta release is due out in the next month.
  • Google Wave is now Google Flatline.  Google pulled the plug on its great social experiment. Wave never caught on and has languished for the last few months.  Wave was Google’s attempt to combine email and instant messaging.  The problem with it is that the recipient could see what the sender was typing, as they typed it.  Mistakes and rethought as well. It was a bad idea.
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