Microsoft fixes link files and caused the Gulf disaster, new Kindles announced and Blackberry gets neutered

  • Microsoft has pushed out a fix to the LNK bug.  Windows Vista and Windows 7 users were greeted with an update from Microsoft that fixes the problem with Windows links.  We can now rest easy, knowing that our cutesy little icons won’t kill our computers or steal our identities now that the fix – to a TEN YEAR OLD BUG – is finally fixed. Kudos to Microsoft for jumping all over this one.
  • Amazon introduces a new Kindle.  Well, two, actually.  The first is a WiFi only device and the second is a 3g + WiFi device.  Both feature 4gb of storage, an improved webkit based browser and are 20% faster.  The WiFi only device is $139 and the other is $189.  Both can be preordered from Amazon.
  • Microsoft caused the Gulf oil spill.  Yep, blame Bill Gates and Microsoft for that.  Supposedly, as the ‘chief electronics technician’ Michael Williams testified, the computer that monitored the high gas levels or fire would still perform its monitoring duties, but that it also crashed a lot with – get this – a blue screen of death (a term that Mr. Williams seems to think they coined.)  Apparently, the alarm system was also deactivated.  You know, the the alarm that would have AWAKENED them to a problem. The computer system was running WINDOWS NT-an operating system that last sold in 1999. So, if this computer kept crashing all of these years, why didn’t they replace it?  Seems to me that Mr. Williams, as the ‘chief electronics technician’ should have performed his job and replaced it long ago.  Oh, and those alarms? They were off so as NOT to awaken the crew at night.  Seriously. So, given the ineptitude displayed here, yeah, blame Microsoft. They are probably responsible for 9/11 too.
  • Blackberry to be restricted in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.  The Blackberry, because of the way it stores user information, is being severely curtailed.  The problem is that the personal information, as run by RIM, is stored on servers outside of the countries.  Just about all of the features will be disabled in October. You will still be able to use the phone as a phone, but not much more than that.  Saudi Arabia is disabling the Instant Messaging feature.  India is reportedly considering curtailing the device/service as well.

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