No more Kin; HP pwns Palm; YouTube wins and IBM embraces FireFox

  • Microsoft kills of the Kin.  After about six weeks on the market, Microsoft has shuttered its Kin mobile phone and incorporated the Kin team with the Windows Phone 7 team.  Probably a smart thing, but I have a feeling that the Kin was not given a fair shake.  The hardware, from what I have seen, was very nice, looking a lot like the Palm Pre.  The Kin had one very nice feature that I hope is rolled into Phone 7:  the Kin Studio.  The Kin Studio was an online storage and backup mechanism for the Kin.  Attractive and easy to use, Kin Studio’s only real flaw was the 15 minute sync schedule that could not be changed.
  • Palm and HP marriage is final.  The acquisition was completed on July 1.  Already, HP has begun integrating Palm and, in the process, some Palm employees (the ones who have not left) are being let go.  Presumably, those are the ‘redundant’ employees.  Lets hope the marriage bears fruit and I can, at last, get my webOS slate.
  • YouTube wins its lawsuit.  I’ve overlooked this one too long.  Several weeks ago, YouTube won the lawsuit brought on by Viacom.  The judge in the case ruled that YouTube is covered under the safe harbor section of the DMCA.  The safe harbor was designed to protect Internet providers from infringement by its users provided the provider makes adequate attempts to correct the problem when they are informed.  The judge ruled that YouTube did so.  Hooray for justice.  Viacom themselves were uploading clips to the service and the lawyers would promptly issue take down notices.  Entrapment or one hand not talking to the other?  No matter, YouTube came out on top here.  Good for them.
  • IBM switches to Firefox.  In the week that saw Internet Explorer GAIN market share, IBM announces that it is switching to Firefox as the corporate browser.  I saw this story reported in many places and just have to wonder what the big deal is.  In this era, developers MUST use more than one browser and users, in general, use more than one browser anyway.  And IBM’s importance is less relevant these days than it’s OS/2 operating system is.  Who bloody well cares what browser they use?
  • iPad sells over three million in 80 days.  Enough said.  Awesome product, even if it is from Apple.

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