iPhone 4: you are still holding it wrong (oh, wait, it’s the software stupid!)

iphone4So, the iPhone 4 antenna saga continues.  Apple recently sent its users a letter that, rather oddly, admits to a problem with the signal strength of the new wonder phone.  To paraphrase Apple, they were ‘stunned’ to learn that, after all of these years since iPhone’s release, they have been calculating the signal strength incorrectly.  Huh.  To continue, Apple says they were showing two bars more, at times, than they should have.  To rectify the problem, they will use an algorithm that AT&T says is  more accurate.  Right.  So, what about the phones going to O2 in Europe?  Is that algorithm correct for them?  Makes me wonder.

Apple says the first two bars will also be larger.  Why?  The bars are rather meaningless anyway.  To paraphrase Jerry Pournell, the science fiction writer, who questioned why they use bars at all, it is digital…you either have a signal or you don’t.  He has a point. 

Bars or no, I amazed that Apple has gone from ‘you are holding it wrong’ (which, as it has been pointed out, Steve Jobs himself was holding it ‘wrong’) to ‘we are going to issue a software patch soon’ to fix the problem they said was ‘you are holding it wrong.’  Apple had to have known about a problem with the phone because they also are selling a thirty dollar ‘bumper’ for the device.  They should include the thing with the device.  Just saying.

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