iPad Wi-Fi woes

So, I have owned my iPad since the middle of April and really like the device. I tend to use it more now than my desktop computer-a real computer with a real operating system to boot. I purchased the Sprint Overdrive so I can use my iPad and other Wi-Fi devices pretty much anywhere. The Overdrive works very well, but the iPad seems to have issues with that and my Mother-in-Law’s router (which is a FiOS supplied router. I remember hearing about Wi-Fi issues and the iPad early on, but I dismissed them since I had not had the problem. Then, I started to see the issue on my iPad. It seemed to only happen when there were two or more Wi-Fi networks with strong signals. I was thinking it was confusing the iPad.

Turns out, it is a known issue and involves WEP encryption and-get this-the freaking BRIGHTNESS level on the iPad. Now, please tell me just what the hell the brightness has to do with one’s Wi-Fi ? Seriously. This, coupled with the iPhone 4’s antenna/signal strength problem makes me think that Apple needs engineers who know something about RF, Wi-Fi and cell radios. Seriously. This whole form over function mantra at that company needs to die.

I will set my Overdrive to use WPA encryption and see if that works, but, really, I should NOT HAVE TO DO THAT. Only Apple can screw up like this and get by with it. How would people act if Microsoft made this kind of blunder with Windows? The bloody government would get involved. Apple, however, gets a free pass. Again. You can go here to read more.

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