You HAVE to be kidding, part two

The iPhone 4 saga gets better and better. First, there were the cancelled pre-orders and the server log jams at both Apple and AT&T. Then the yellow spots on the screens (which are supposedly due to the bonding agent used to bond the glass to the LCD panels.) Then the reception issues with antennae used on the devices. In response to several user queries, Steve Jobs suggested that they were holding the phones incorrectly and that all phones have similar problems. As an aside, I don’t have that problem with my Pre. Back to the insanity now.

According to Engadget, a ‘leaked’ internal memo from Apple suggests that the Apple geniuses instruct iPhone 4 users on how to hold the phone. Yes, I am not joking, you can read it on the Engadget site. They are to instruct the user that they should not cover the little black strip. Right. Don’t hold it like you are used to, hold it like the very special object that it is. Worse, the genius is supposed to acknowledge that a ‘bumper’, a rubber ring that covers the metal band (the antenna) will solve the problem, but NOT offer a free bumper. So, you’ve got this phone that you’ve paid two to four hundred dollars for, that has an obvious design flaw that is solved by one of these bumpers and, oh, by the way, you have to PAY another thirty dollars to BUY IT. Are they serious?

Imagine any other company doing this. They’d get raked over the coals. No doubt, though, the Apple apologists will hail this as a blessing in disguise and GLADLY hand over the thirty bucks. After all, Apple DOES have to recover the cost of the vast amount of research and analysis that they…oh, who the hell am I trying to kid. They didn’t do any analysis on this. The test phones had rubber covers on them when they left the Apple campus. I seriously doubt that any of the testers found this problem. For Apple to NOT offer the bumpers to their customers, however, is just ridiculous.

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