iPhone, iPad, AT&T and other ‘you have GOT to be kidding’ tidbits

In the ‘you have GOT to be kidding’ folder:

  • Apple iPhone 4 reception problems are, most likely, due to you holding the phone incorrectly.  In what can only be described as a design flaw, the new iteration of the iPhone uses stainless steel bezels that double as the device’s radio antennas.  It looks fantastic, Apples design team has done it again: creating a drool worthy device.  Problem is, if you hold it ‘the wrong way’, that is, if your palm crosses the two bezels at the bottom of the device, you may lose your connectivity.  In a ‘you have GOT to be kidding’ answer, Steve Jobs himself told several people (via email) that they should ‘hold it the right way.’  WHAT?  Are you serious?  Calling your users dumbasses is not the way to endear yourself.  Of course, he and Apple will get a free pass on this and AT&T will, likely, take the heat for what appears to be a design flaw.
  • In a move that SHOULD put plenty of heat on AT&T, the phone company announced-back at the end of May-they were doing away with unlimited data plans.  You know, the plans like the one that they and Apple trotted out when the iPad was announced.  If you recall, for thirty dollars, you got a month-to-month unlimited data plan for your shiny new iPad 3G.  AT&T said they would allow anyone who had ORDERED an iPad 3G prior to June 7 to get the unlimited data plan.  Apparently, it was lip talk as those people are now getting the 3G iPad and are unable to get the plan.  Reasons range from the customer service people not knowing HOW to sign up the new owners, the reps just flat out refusing to sign them up or ‘system’ problem.  AT&T says they WILL honor the plans.
  • Radio Shack, one of Apple’s iPhone 4 launch partners, was pretty much left out of the launch party.  Apparently, the Shack did not get as much stock as they were either told/lead to believe/thought they would get and, as a result, were not able to fulfill preorders or reservations.  Supposedly, many Radio Shack locations did not even accept the $50 deposit because they heard/knew that supplies would be short.
  • Pre-Orders for iPhone 4 were cancelled by AT&T and Apple.  Often, the pre-orders were cancelled without explanation with the potential buyer being told they needed to come into the store to complete the order.  Problem is that those people would not get the phone for another week.  Once again, Apple did not plan its launch very well.
  • And, one final ‘you’ve got to be kidding’ note:  some iPhone 4’s escaped Foxconn with the volume up and down button caps reversed.  The buttons still function correctly, but the button tops are backward.  I don’t have much to say about that.

As usual, Apple will get a pass on all of this.  Already, many of the Apple apologists were making excuses or explaining away why much of this happened.  Some have gone so far as blaming AT&T for most of it.  So, one more time:


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