Palm Pre mini app review: Wi-Fi Media Sync

mediaSyncserverWi-Fi Media Sync is an application that runs on both your computer and the Pre itself.  WMS allows you to synchronize files on your computer with your Pre.  It works in conjunction with the server application that runs on your PC.  Once you install the server app, you tell it which directories are to be synchronized with your Pre.   The server application installed without a hitch.  Note: if you use 64 bit Windows, you may have to installed a patch that fixes a problem with the database driver the application uses.  I didn’t need to do this because I had already installed the patch (for the compact edition of SQL Server) for another application.

The Pre application can initiate a sync, but only if the server is setup to do so.  I allowed it because I wanted to be able to send files to the PC from the Pre. 

While the server application is pretty straightforward, it’s appearance is something that 8Bit Development, the developer of the application, might want to reconsider.  While not awful, the GUI is a bit confusing and the colors used are difficult for those of us with color issues to see.  For example, the set of buttons next to the ‘Devices’ list box are very difficult for me since the light blue (or whatever color that is) and the white text run together. 

Design flaws aside, the server application and the Pre application do exactly what they are supposed to do, and, I supposed, that is sufficient.  Once you install the server software, you really don’t need to see it again. 

For the small sum the developer wants, the application is well worth the money.  It adds a little bit of Zune functionality (wireless sync) to my now aging Palm Pre.


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