Customer service, or lack of, rules the day

It seems that, today, customer care and customer service are just words and most companies just don’t care about the customer-even though, without them, these companies would not be in business.  Today, a personal event and several that I’ve read about just re-iterate this belief.

First, I was taking my son to dinner at a local chain restaurant (hint-it is named after a day of the week) whereby we were promptly seated.  We waited for a wait-person to take our order. And we waited.  No one ever came, so we left.  As we were leaving, we were told to ‘have a nice day and to please come back.’ I looked at the hostess, who had seated us, and said ‘great service, no one ever showed up’ and proceeded to walk out.  Neither hostess tried to keep us, offer to get help or anything else.  It is no wonder this particular restaurant is pretty much dead.

The great customer disservice, part 1

Earlier today, AT&T announced a new pricing structure for mobile data.  They did away with the unlimited plan, you know, the one they were selling to new iPad owners, yeah, that one and now charge twenty-five dollars for TWO GIGS of data a month.  The change in rates comes hot off the heels of another AT&T customer disservice: the raising of the early termination fee to a hefty $325.  It gets better, my friends…

The great customer disservice, part 2

AT&T wants to keep you, its customers, as far away from its CEO as possible, down to threatening you with legal action.  Engadget posted a story about a man who sent AT&T’s CEO two emails in two weeks.  Apparently, the CEO is too good to deal with the little people.  Now, if ever a company needed some good will with its customers, it HAS to be AT&T.  I’m not a customer, and from what I’ve read, I don’t want to be a customer. 

I am constantly amazed at the general lack of consideration, care, regard, respect, whatever you want to call it, that these companies have for their customers-you know, the ones who GIVE THEM MONEY!  My little experience with the restaurant is pretty insignificant, comparatively speaking, but add that to a whole raft of experiences-and not just my own-and you have a pretty dismal picture of the state of customer service.  AT&T’s actions show just how little regard they have for their customers.  Amazing, truly amazing.

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