Google dumps Windows for OS X and Linux

Google is leaving Windows behind for Linux and the Mac OS.  According to the all-mighty Goog collective, Windows is just too darn insecure, as witnessed by the alleged ‘Chinese hacks’.  Hacks, by the way, were allowed because Google used INTERNET EXPLORER 6 on Windows machines that, more than likely, were not even up to date.  So, this holier than though company is blaming Windows for its own lapse in security.  Brilliant. 

All new Google employees now must choose between Mac or Linux.  If someone specifically wants or needs Windows, they must get approval from the CIO. 

Now, I don’t really care what operating system they use, it is the reason that I have issue with…the stated reason is security.  Well, this company was still using Windows XP – already antiquated in 2006, let alone 2009 – and IE 6, hopelessly riddled with holes. No, don’t blame Windows, blame yourself, Google.

Google’s real reasons, perhaps, are many: to maintain some kind of relationship with Apple, no matter how self-serving or phony; cost-Google is massive and those licensing fees must have been huge and, of course there are Android and Chrome OS.  Google is, after all, now an operating system company as well.  They have at least two operating systems ready or near ready to unleash and, after all, they should eat their own dog food.

Microsoft has nothing to worry about, so don’t cry for them.  Windows 7 is, by far, the best Windows ever and, in my opinion, the best operating system for mainstream computers (desktops, laptops.)  Windows 8 will make it’s appearance in a year, and, beyond that, who knows.

It will be interesting to see what Google blames its next ‘hack attack’ on since they won’t be able to blame Microsoft.  Perhaps Apple will take the hit. After all, the two companies are now adversaries.

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2 thoughts on “Google dumps Windows for OS X and Linux

  1. Strange news considering their recent, public fights with Apple. Seems like a knee-jerk reaction. Windows is all over in the most security-sensitive companies in the world. Why not just make everyone use Chrome? I suspect this was a financial decision more than security.

  2. @Paul I suspect you are right, it is more financial than technical. It is also vindictive. Google is pretty brazen now and they know there isn’t much that MS can do to them without the ire of some government now. I miss Gates at the helm. Ballmer is, ummmm, well…fill in the blank.

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