Dario and Kurt win, Apple more valuable than Microsoft and two million iPads sold

In the better late than never category…

  • Congratulations to Dario Franchitti for winning the 2010 Indianapolis 500.  Dario proved, once again, why he is one of the best damn drivers ever to grace a race car, of any type.  Dario is just awesome.  And, after all, he is married to Ashley Judd.
  • Congratulations to both Kurt Busch for winning the Coca Cola 600 and also to Jamie McMurray, who finished second to Kurt.  Kurt is just proving how talented he really is and why he is a champ.  McMurray proved, once again, that his Daytona 500 win was not a fluke.
  • Apple’s market valuation surpasses Microsoft.  Wow, Microsoft is have a really crappy month.  Or is it?  The total value of Apple’s stock has, for the first time, passed that of Microsoft and makes it the most valuable technology company in the country.  SO, they are worth a lot on paper. Tell me, what kind of computer do you see when you walk into most stores?  What kind of computer do you see in most offices?  What kind of computer do your neighbors have?  Right.  I thought so.
  • Foxconn, the maker of much of our gadgets, to get Apple subsidies.  Specifically, the assembly lines that make Apple products will get subsidies from Apple.  Apple, in order to make itself look better and to, seemingly, help the factory workers, will turn over about a percent of the profit from the Foxconn built products, like the iPad.  There have been a number of suicides or attempted suicides at the factory, which employees nearly a half million people.  Now, whatever the motive, Apple’s decision to directly pay these people is a good one and I don’t mean to lessen that at all.  It is sad, though, that Apple should have to do this at all.  The management at Foxconn should step it up and pay these people a decent wage and provide better conditions.  (I have never been to China, let alone this facility, so I can only write about what I have read or heard; the actual conditions could very well be much better than we’ve been led to believe.)
  • iPad sells 2 million in 2 months. The wonder tablet has sold around two million units, according to Apple.  With the international release behind it, and supplies constrained, I suspect they will sell every unit they make for at least the next few months.  Judging from my own experience, all I have to do is pull the iPad out of its sleeve and people notice it, with many saying they want one.  The device garners a lot of attention and just about everyone knows what it is.  This is how a product should be marketed.  Microsoft, you watching?

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