Apple investigation to expand to movies as well

Looks like the federal investigation of Apple iTunes will be expanded to cover movies and other areas, including the Apple ban on cross compiled applications for the iPhone and IPad. The DOJ has been asking media and tech companies if Apple has been using unfair tactics.

From the New York Post:

"The [Justice Dept.] is doing outreach," said one Hollywood industry source. "You can’t dictate terms to the industry. The Adobe thing is just inviting the wrath of everybody." Added a senior source at a media company:"If Apple thinks it’s going to increase its monopoly with the iPad, it should look at the history of other walled gardens."

Many have also been upset over the cross compile ban and Apple’s stance on Adobe. Earlier in the week, both NBC and Time Warner said they will not convert their libraries to HTML5. The majority of media complaints have centered around Apple demands to have equal or better terms than Amazon or other companies and around exclusive content. Expect Apple to pull something out of the hat on June 7 to deflect this investigation.

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