iPhone OS to power new Apple TV?

Back in April, I speculated that Apple that might replace OS X in a line of Macintosh computers with the iPhone’s operating system.  Today, comes speculation that Apple will release a new version the Apple TV and it will be, essentially, an iPad with out the screen. It will feature the same CPU, a small amount of local storage as the primary storage will be cloud based with an option to use some kind of local storage.  It will feature 1080p output.  No word or speculation on whether or not the device will run iPod/iPad applications, but I would imagine that it could. 

Now, mind you, OS X won’t go away, but I have to think that it will not be much of a stretch to put iPhone OS on a line of 12 inch notebooks, touch screen of course.  By gradually phasing in iPhone OS on various device types, Apple will gain a stronger and stricter hold on it’s consumer devices.  Pricing, will of course, be key to these devices success and, supposedly, that new Apple TV will retail at $99.  Wow.  Finally, a really cheap Mac.

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