Internal shakeup at Microsoft and Palm lost its UI guy

The last week has seen a minor shakeup in several technology companies with Microsoft leading the way. That started with the announcement of J Allard and Robbie Bach leaving Microsoft. Bach was the head of the entertainment division, overseeing the Zune and XBox.  Allard was the user experience guru.  Allard, allegedly, was ticked that Microsoft had decided to can the non-product called Courier.  Courier was an idea that encompassed many different technologies in a dual screen tablet like device. It got the blood flowing for many tech reporter.  Alas, it was just a concept.  Allard himself says that the choice to leave had nothing to do with Courier.  Steve Ballmer will oversee what’s left of the entertainment division as Mr. Bach will not be replaced.

Palm continued to see its talent going away.  It’s UI person has decided to move on to Google.

Google could certainly use the new blood as most of its products look decidedly over simplistic or worse.

Palm need not worry, though.  If/when the HP deal is complete, that will surely help prop up what’s left of Palm and put it in a good position to at least compete with Apple and Google.

The moves at Microsoft come at an interesting time for the company.  With the recent introduction of the Kin phones and the upcoming Windows Phone 7 phones, one has to wonder what was really taking place in the company.  With Ballmer now in charge of the Zune, and his public indifference to the hardware, it makes me wonder if there will be a Zune HD2 or next gen Zune at all.  Of course, Ballmer’s background is in sales, so maybe he will leave the technical stuff up to the engineering staff and concentrate on getting whatever message Microsoft has left out and sell some stuff.

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